1. The Owner of Mobile e-Bike Rental is „Reel" Marek Rechlecki, Sławkowice 257, 32-020 Wieliczka, NIP7542513900
2. Rented e-bikes, accesories, as well as the web page www.reel-bike.pl are the property of „Reel" Marek Rechlecki
3. These regulations describe the rules of usage and renting of e-bikes, and as well rights and responsibilities of Mobile Bike Rental users/customers.


1. Renting of e-bike and accesories is done according to the following regulations, current price list presented at www.reel-bike.pl, and according to written and signed contract between e-bike rental and the customer/user.

2. E-bikes and accesories should be ordered 24 hours before planned pick-up date (exceptions are possible), by phone, by mail or by using contact formular found on www.reel-bike.pl. The reservation is complete after confirmation by the e-bike rental.

3. Renting and return of e-bikes and accesories is done in the place requested by the customer or in our E-bike Rental (Sławkowice 257). Delivery of e-bikes and colletion it from the place indicated by the customer costs 2,00 PLN/km. Distance is caluclated from and to our E-bikes rental in Sławkowice 257. Cost of transportation abroad must be negotiated..

4. To rent an e-bike and accesories the customer needs to:
a) show its current ID, passport or driving license
b) sign an e-bike and accesories rental contract. Signing the contract is a confirmation of reading and understanding hereby presented regulations.
c) be an adult and sober ( e-bike renting can be done for an underage person only in presence and agreement of its legal guardian, who signs the contract)
d) pay in cash in advance for renting an e-bike according current price list.

5. E-bike rental employee can refuse the renting service, without explanation, if he/she recognizes the customer as not trustworthy,

6. Return of e-bike and accesories should be done according the to the contract. The Bike Rental office should be informed about desired renting exteniton period, under +48 514 393 716. Extention of renting period can only be done if the e-bike and accesories are not ordered by other customer. Return of e-bike and accesories done after expiration of renting contract, will be charged additionally according Bike Rentals price chart.

7. Every e-bike not returned within 24h after expiration of renting contract, without informing e-bike rental office, will be treated as theft and will be reported to Police office.

8. If the customer reduces the renting period on his own demand, the charges for renting will not be returned.

9. Rented e-bike and accesories are in good technical condition and so should they be returned to the rental office

10. E-bike rental deos not take responsibility for hidden defects of e-bike and accesories.

11. E-bikes are equiped according to road traffic regulations

12. Eeach e-bike is additionally equiped with bike locker, that must be used as a protection against theft.

13. In case of renting an e-bike, when an overnight storage is required, the customer is obliged to secure properly the bike on its own cost.


1. The customer declares to:

a) use the e-bike and accesories according their purpose.

b) follow instructions passed over by the rentals employee

c) used the e-bike only for personal use for non commercial purposes, and not to use the e-bikes in sport events.

d) not lend the e-bike to third parties

e) immidiatelly inform rental office employee about technical issues with using the e-bike

f) not repair the equipment, aplying modifications, or parts exchanging

g) cover repair costs of demaged e-bike its equipment or accesories caused by customer fault or missusage (according to repair costs estimated by e-bike rentals employee)

h) cover the costs of a new e-bike and accesories in case of destroying, loosing or theft of rented e-bike (according prices on the day of the event)

i) immidiatelly inform Police and e-bike rentals employee in case of an e-bike theft event

2. Customer is personaly resposible for the rented e-bike and accesories from the pick up time until return of the e-bike.

3. Customer is fully resposible for any demage, or detriment starting form the pick up time until return of the e-bike.

4. Customer using public roads is obliged to follow Road Traffic Regulations and customer does it on its own full responsibility.

5. Customer agrees to cover all demages and any penalty fees caused by not respecting Polish law, and/or regulation of Road Traffic Regulations.

6. E-bike rental does take no responsibility for accidents and demages happened during usage of the e-bike and accesories by the customer.

7. Customer waives any claims against e-bike rental due to accidents, injuries or demages happened during usage of rented e-bike and equipment.

8. Customer declares to follow all the conditions of these e-bike rental regulations.

Regulations are valid since 02.08.2018.

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